ORA – the builder of the soul of a bicycle

For nearly two decades, ORA has been behind the flagship products of many world renowned bicycle brands.

Over the years, ORA has built up its reputation and expertise in frame building art. From road to full suspension, from aluminium to titanium and even to the most recent super stainless steel material, ORA has always insisted on bringing the accuracy and the attitude of precision machining to the frame building industry to meet the demands of customers.

Today, ORA stands firmly as a world-known frame builder. Based on the expertise, experience and quality requirement on titanium frames, ORA has been able to raise the quality of his other products. Moreover, these qualifications created a clear advantage over the competitors to extend his product range to other special metals. As a result, ORA has been the best pick for tubing suppliers to jointly explore the possibilities on frame building technology.

Two decades of insist on quality and continual improvement has built up what ORA has today! In the days to come, we wish to keep on the pace with the same attitude to embrace the ever demanding challenges and requests, and to stack ourselves up even higher. “Persistence creates the eternal value!”